Shanghai Rychen Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company in the field of energy-saving and environmental protection. It’s the expert in high-tech R&D, design and production of energy-saving products for fluid transfer(pumps, fans), precisely controlled combustion and efficient heat exchange, and a provider of professional technological transformation services and professio-nal comprehensive energy-saving solutions to users.

The Company possesses more than 40 patents in the fields of fluid transfer (pumps, fans), precisely controlled combustion and high-efficiency heat exchange. The on-site operating efficiency of our fans usually exceeds 80%, and that of our pumps usually exceeds 85%. The successful development and application of the scale loss control system for heating furnaces, high-efficiency wide-channel high-temperature plate air preheater and high speed low NOx burner makes us the industry pioneer!

  • 10


    years of development history
  • 600


  • 1500


    energy-saving solutions
  • 900



    tons of standard coal
We offer a wide range of solutions, including comprehensive energy-saving solution for high-efficiency fans/pumps, precisely controlled combustion solution for ladle dryer, and comprehensive energy saving and environmental protection transformation solution for heating furnace, to help enterprises solve the problems of low efficiency and energy waste.
  • Fully understand the processes of clients, accurately identify on-site working condi-tions, and customize high-efficiency fans (using advanced aerodynamic model, in combination with wear-resistant composite plates, pipe network optimization,etc.).
  • Fully understand the processes of clients, accurately identify on-site working conditions, and customize high-efficiency pumps (using high-efficiency hydraulic model, in combination with pressure balancing devices, Nano spraying, pipe network optimization,etc.).

  • Ensure that the drying process and drying quality remain unchanged after the transfor-mation, use gas jet ladle dryer to improve the use efficiency of the dryer.
  • Adopt rapidly enhanced heat transfer technology, efficient waste heat recovery technology, optimized energy-saving combustion control software package, and ultra-low NOx combustion technology to carry out comprehensive energy saving and environmental protection transformation of heating furnace.
Project cases
Our energy-saving solutions and products are widely used in steel, chemical, cement and other industries. Clients in the steel industry include Baowu Group, Jiangsu Shagang Group, Magang Group, and Anyang Iron & Steel Group; clients in the chemical industry include Yihua Group, Sinopec Group, and Yangmei Group; clients in the cement industry include South Cement Group and China United Cement Corporation.
Industry news, company news, advanced technical articles, and employee activities will be updated regularly for you to quickly learn about the industry trend and Rychen employees.
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